More than a Mirror

Growing up as a little girl, I always wanted to be beautiful, and I defined that beauty by looking in the mirror. As I grew older, I came to realize that beauty is really hard to come by in the eyes of the world it includes wearing the right clothes, having beautifully styled hair, and being fashionable.

I was not always talented in those ways, and I started to define beauty as being a perfect as possible, as living right, doing right, serving right. I found out that some standards are impossible to live up too.  Indeed, as much as I loved Jesus – I was still flawed, still broken, still in great deed.

So, I was left with the question what standard do I use to define beauty?

What standard do I use to define my worth?

What makes me a worthy woman of God?

It takes More than a Mirror more than a pretty face, so much more to be beautiful.

IMG_2907Rachel Boyd is the Managing Director of MoreThanAMirror.  She is the wife of David, and the mother of three beautiful children.

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