Daddy, Come See My Work!

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It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.  I had set my both of my boys to work on various chores around the house while I was mowing the lawn.  Andrew was washing down some patio furniture, and Josiah was picking up sticks that I had trimmed in our front yard.  I was half-way through mowing the side yard when Andrew came running up to me.  He voice was filled with excitement.

“Daddy, Come See What I did!”  Although, I wanted to get my lawn mowed, and would rather have kept going.  I let go of my lawnmower, and went to see his work.

There is joy in work.  There is joy in production.  There are times that we can look at what we do and say.  “Daddy, come see what I did!”  As humans we were designed for love and relationships, and community.  However, we were also designed for work and creativity.

Vocation is the process by which we find a role in the world where we can do work in which the Father is pleased.

This work is not limited to being a pastor, priest, or church worker.  This work is not limited to our service for the church.  The Father is not more pleased by pastor than the computer programmer.  Work is using our gifts and talents.

There are times when I want to go to my Father and say, “Daddy, come see my work.”  I want Him to share in my joy.  I want Him to be delighted in me as His child.  I want to be united with Him as we seek a goal together.picture with boys

Find that connection today with your Father.  Ask your Heavenly Father to come and see your work.

Dr. G. David Boyd is the Founder and Managing Director of EA Resources.

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