An Introduction to PTCD

You may have heard of PTSD — post-traumatic stress disorder. But have you heard of PTCD? Have you experienced it?

PTCD” or “post-traumatic church disorder” is a term used by Dr. G. David Boyd, founder and managing director of EA Resources, to describe the experience of those wounded by the church, those who may encounter some enduring stress due to troubling, even traumatic experiences with church.

Dr. Boyd has written openly and honestly about this issue in recent months at our brother site More Than A Beard. But, with the recent launch of More Than A Mirror, we want to acknowledge here that PTCD undoubtedly affects men and women alike. We want to invite you into the conversation on PTCD and begin to start some of our own conversations about women’s perceptions of and experiences with the Church. 

The process of healing from PTCD is complex, but we believe it is so very possible.   

Today, we’re sharing a short sermon series called “Baggage Claim,” from Pastor Ryan Alexander of Hosanna Church, that we hope could be a helpful resource in your journey.

Click here to see full post at More Than A Beard. For a sneak peek at the sermon series, check out the “Baggage Claim” video below!

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