21 Sentences NOT to Say to a Sexual Abuse Survivor

20151006DeMuth007-684x1024I recently received an email newsletter in my inbox from Mary DeMuth, an author, blogger, speaker, and generally courageous woman. The email newsletter offered this: 21 sentences not to say to a sexual abuse survivor.

I have friends who have experienced sexual abuse to one extent or another. You likely do too. It’s talked about in the news media. It’s carried around in the hearts of women and men at our churches, schools, and workplaces. Yet, when it comes up? We don’t know what to say. So, all too often, we say things that — while well-intentioned — might be hurtful.

“My intention in writing these,” writes DeMuth, “is not to shame those who want to help, or make them walk on eggshells. Instead it’s to help friends and family members of victims best love and understand the sexual abuse recovery journey.”

In order to better help and not hurt others, I hope you’ll check out the article.

Click HERE to read the 21 Sentences compiled by Mary DeMuth

What do you think? Is there anything you would add? How could you use this awareness (and NOT use these sentences!) in your day-to-day life?

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