Dear Addie: Recovering From Legalism

By Addie Zierman, author, blogger, and contributor at Off the Page

Dear Addie,

books-1155557_1920How do you recover from a legalistic background? Some verses are still difficult for me to come across without cringing or being hurt. I already know most of the verses have different meanings than what I was taught growing up, but I still have a hard time healing. Even though I don’t believe Proverbs 31 should be taken literally, I still get exhausted when reading that passage. Please help.


Can you relate to Megan’s struggle? I know I can! And so can Addie Zierman, author of the award-winning 2013 novel When We Were On Fire: A Memoir of Consuming Faith, Tangled Love, and Starting Over.

Click HERE to read Addie’s compassionate, creative response at Off The Page.


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