God Needs Women

by Rachel Held Evans, author of Faith Unraveled, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, and Searching for Sunday.

Occasionally, in conversations about God and gender, someone will attempt to conclude the matter by noting that Jesus was a man, as though the incarnation proves something about the gender of God or the ultimate superiority of maleness over femaleness.

mary mother of jesusI’ve never really known how to respond to that, but lately, as I’ve been nursing a five-month-old baby boy, I’ve been thinking: Yes, in Jesus, God was once a man. But also? In Jesus, God was once a baby—a baby who nestled in a woman’s womb, a baby whose life depended on a woman for nourishment, a baby who fell asleep on a woman’s chest, a baby whose first word could very well have been, “mama.” 

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